Monday, June 11, 2012

All Is Well

Hi everyone!  Things are going 'swimmingly' with the new tank and its inhabitant. 

I actually got to take out one of the bricks holding down a piece of wood.  It looks much better without it of course.  I absolutely cannot wait to get the other brick out of there. 

Here is an updated pic. 

There we go.  Coming along quite nicely if you ask me.  I thought I was done planting, but I'm pretty sure the future fish will appreciate some more cover.  I'll probably cover most of the back wall with the long stringy grass that is on the left. 

I've also recently found out that one of the fish species that I will be stocking requires a smooth substrate.  So I am considering buying some of the black sand (I think it's sand) and just putting it over top of what is already in the tank.  The substrate that is in there really isn't that thick anyway so it will be an improvement overall. 

Okay that's it for now.  I'll leave you with a short video.

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