Monday, June 18, 2012

Tank Edit

Hi guys!  I'm going to start out with a few pictures.  Here ya go!

There we go.  If you have been following my blog you will notice a few differences.  The bottom of the tank is now covered in black river rocks, and there are quite a few more plants. 

I'm really loving this look!  I need one more bag of rocks for sure, and the substrate will be done.  I may or may not add more plants.  It really depends on how much the current plants grow, and how fast. 

As of now there is a total of 20 fish in the tank.  I bought 20 neons, but I only made it home with 19.  That's alright though.  They are REALLY hard to count so I'm sure the girl at the store didn't do that on purpose.

Hopefully this week I'll have 6 more neurons and an Assassin Snail.  If I'm REALLY lucky I'll be able to bring home some Kuhli Loaches to put into QT.


  1. That's quite bare but should grow in very nicely.

  2. I'm thinking it looks pretty good for now. I am hoping that it will grow out a bit more, although I don't want a ton in there. Do you have any suggestions for plants? I'm waiting for my plant store to get some Java Moss in. I was planning on anchoring it on top of the flat piece of driftwood.