Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Bit New

Welcome back everyone! 

I have a few updates for you.  Over the past week I've added 7 Neon Tetras, 1 Assassin Snail, and I am quarentining 10 Kuhli Loaches!

When I went to get the Neons I went in to get 6.  The store actually owed me one for free so I ended up leaving with 7.  Unfortunately on the first day I lost one Neon to stress, and the next day I lost another.  I actually had to euthanize the first one.  That wasn't a fun experience. 

After some research I concluded that the quickest way would be to boil some water, and plop the poor guy into it.  He was gone immediately. 

I brought my snail home on the same trip, and he is doing well. 

Yesterday I went to pick up my beautiful Kuhli Loaches!!!  The guy that waited on us gave us extra fish, "Just in case some die".  That didn't really sound too promising, but we were happy to take them seeing as they do better in bigger groups. 

I'm pretty sure we made it home with 13.  (Those guys are EXTRA hard to count)  I had 3 die from stress, 2 of which I'm positive were dead before they even left the bag.  Today the remaining 10, (my original desired number) are doing well in the quarantine tank.  

Here you see my loaches in the acclimation bucket.  The one in the very middle of the bucket was one of the 3 that died.  He hung on until about 2 hours into the QT.   

A close up of my guys.

This is the QT all set up and waiting for the Loaches.  Room the Betta is hanging in his small tank for now.

This is my Assassin Snail.  He is doing his job well I might add.

Here is my little buddy Akio.  He actually eats from my hand now.

And a bad picture of some of the neons.  They are now a school of 24.

Thanks for reading!

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