Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The New QT

I finally have my quarantine tank set up!  We went to PetLand today and picked up the 10g, and then over to Bert's to pick up some PraziPro. 

For those of you who don't know, PraziPro is a deworming medicine.  I'll be using this on all of my new fish while they are in a 2 week quarantine. 

The only fish that will not have to stay in the QT is the first batch. 

Thanks to a friend of mine, Miss Jordan Crow, I have a filter for the QT tank on my cycling display tank.  In a few weeks the filter media inside will also be cycled, and ready to go onto the QT. 

For now the tank is up and running with my little Betta, Roo. 

The bubbles on the side are kind of messing with the view, but they will go away in a few hours. 

For anyone who is interested, a QT is VERY important when you are adding fish.  Fish you get from the pet store are rarely ever completely healthy.  For instance if you get a fish that has Ich, and put it into your community tank without treatment every single fish you have will die. 

Here is how the quarantine works. 

Day 1
Remove Betta, and add new fish to be quarantined. 
At this time I will dose the tank with PraziPro at full strength. 

Day 4
50% water change, and dose PraziPro at 1/4 strength. 

Day 7
50% W/C

Day 10
50% W/C

Day 13
50% W/C, and add carbon to the filter to suck up all the meds. 

Day 14
If the fish check out, add them to the display tank. 

Not very complicated, but very necessary all the same.  I'm so close to having my display tank cycled that I'm getting antsy.  Lol.  Not that I haven't been the whole time. 

Thanks for reading everyone!

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