Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Little Less Empty

So yesterday we finally got our tank decor set up.  Sam pressure washed the driftwood and the rocks.  Then later in the day we made a visit to Petland where we picked up a plant called a Red Wendth and most importantly a test kit. 

As far as liking Petland the fish there all seemed to be in good condition, but the guy who was helping us, (aka sort of annoying us) knew less about fish than I did.  He tried to get me to buy something that would allow me to put fish in the tank and therefore give him a bigger sale.  I then explained to him for the second time that I was waiting for my tank to cycle, which can't be sped up.  He kind of looked at me in a confused way, and I said, "You know, the Nitrogen cycle?"  He then agreed.  Haha, poor guy.  We also got a new thermometer from there. 

We then headed to Walmart where I got some more Aquasafe and gravel.  Walmart's fish conditions were deplorable.  They actually downsized the tanks, and had so many fish crammed in them.  It was awful.  All the tanks had dead fish in them.  DO NOT buy fish from Walmart!  Well, I guess I'm tempted to save some from that torture, but I'm afraid I'll get some disease in my tank if I do. 

ANYWAY, here is the result...

I know the pic isn't that great, but I find it difficult to get my camera to take a good one of it.  The bricks of course are not part of the decorations, but they are there to hold the wood down until it is completely saturated.  They will probably have to be in there for a few weeks.  All in all I'm satisfied with it.  I'm going to get a few more modest plants so they don't end up taking all the swimming room.  I'm so excited to get some fish in there.  I know that patience is what is going to make a successful tank though, so I'll wait. 

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