Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Species Reconsideration

Okay, I know in my first post I stated that I KNEW I wanted Guppies as my main species.  After my trip to Mocha Pet in New Boston, Ohio, and observing the way the Guppies behave I may change my mind.  The Guppies were just scattered throughout the tank, and they didn't seem to swim with any sort of purpose.  It basically looked like a tank with a bunch of fish that had no reason for what they were doing.  It gave me the general impression of an unorganized and messy tank. 

I don't want that in my tank.  One of my goals for the tank is to provide a comforting and relaxing scene.  I just don't think the Guppies will cut it. 

Another thing is that the Guppies are sooo small.  As you know I'll soon be purchasing a 55 gallon tank which has a lot of space.  I'm thinking I need something more substantial, but wouldn't be a threat to a few different types of fish. 

After doing some research I think I may have settled on a species. 

Meet the Discus fish!  Beautiful isn't it?  A school of 5 or 6 of these would do nicely in my tank.  They come in many different varieties, and are considered to be one of the most lovable species of fish out there.  Apparently they will actually eat out of your hands.  These fish are also schooling fish, like the Guppies, but the difference is that these fish actually swim together in groups.  They also form a pecking order, and have been described as graceful and deliberate.  Sounds perfect to me!

Now for the issues....

These are sensitive fish, so there would be more to keeping them alive.
I don't remember seeing any of these in any of the pet stores I've visited. (Although I wasn't really looking for them.)
And I have no idea what these would price for. 

I could of course buy them online and have them shipped, but I like to see what I'm buying in person before I bring it home.  I wonder if I could order some through a pet store.... Now that's a thought. 

Anyway, that's what's on my mind today. 

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